Celebrating twenty years of Tai Chi Instruction in Houston

THE HOUSTON WU(HAO) TAI CHI ASSOCIATION is a group of certified tai chi instructors and their students who are members of the North American Wu (Hao) Federation founded by Grandmaster J K Wong, J K Wong Kungfu/Tai Chi Academy, Richardson, TX. The J K Wong Academy is also the first officially established Chin Woo School of Kung Fu in the United States, established in 1987. Our group of instructors is devoted to spreading the practice of Traditional Wu(Hao) style tai chi in the Houston, Texas area.

Traditional Wu Yu Xiang Wu(Hao) Tai Chi is a small frame style suitable for all ages and fitness levels. It promotes martial art skill for wellness with slow, smooth, graceful movements performed with inward awareness. This encourages the flow of chi, or life force harmoniously throughout the mind and body, moving the person constantly toward a state of harmony. Emphasis is on inner attention, correct alignment of the bones, correct posture and focus of the mind. Moving smoothly, with awareness from one posture to another has been shown to reduce stress, to create improved balance, posture, flexibility, circulation, focus, stamina, core strength and self- knowledge. These all combine to provide a deep sense of peace and well-being.

Tai Chi Houston instructors reside and teach in the Houston area and train at the J. K.WONG KUNGFU/TAI CHI ACADEMY in Richardson, TX. All certified instructors have been tested and certified by Grandmaster J K Wong and are in a continuing Teacher's training, certification and education program at the school. All our instructors have been medalists in World Competition and also host bi-yearly workshops with Grandmaster Wong for all Houston area students of Wu(Hao).

In July 2012, the members of the Association celebrated twenty years of Wu(Hao) Taiji in Houston with a workshop given by Grandmaster Wong and a banquet for Wu(Hao) teachers and students.

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Last Updated: 31 March 2013